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49½ Un-Shaw Island Classic


Saturday, August 8, 2020

Although the San Juan Island Yacht Club postponed the 50th Shaw Island Classic Sailboat Race until 2021 (let future club historians figure out why it took us 51 years to celebrate the 50th), we invited everyone to participate in the special and unique 49½th Un-Shaw Island Sailboat Race which was held Saturday, August 8, 2020.

As in the past, the race started at Friday Harbor, circumnavigated scenic Shaw Island in either direction, and back to Friday Harbor. That is about the only thing that remained the same. Rather than everyone on the start line at the same time, the race was a do-it-yourself reverse start. Each boat was assigned a start time based on their rating and, theoretically, everyone would finish at about the same time. There was no half-way boat and no shortened course, full race only. This also changed scoring from time-on-time to time-on distance. There was also no race committee boat. The start/finish line was determined via GPS and visual locators with both the start and finish on the honor system. 

Sorry, we know everyone cherishes the post-race banter and hearty lasagna dinner, but there was no dinner served by First Mates at the clubhouse followed by no awards presentation. Finish times and rankings have been posted on our website, and our special awards (for 2020 only) which can be flown as brag-flags or worn as personal protection! They will be in the mail shortly.

For more information contact the SJIYC Race Committee via email: or by phone 360.317.6442 (PC Jim Corenman) or contact Fleet Captain, Jerry Whitfield via email: .

We are thrilled to have seen so many crazy racers on the starting line! It turns out that fresh air sailing was just the thing to escape the Covid-19 craziness. The weather was just as crazy as everything else this year, and the currents, once again, have never looked at Washburn's. We had some serious fun on the water, and we'll see you next year on the starting line for the 50th!

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