Making application to join the Club

Membership to the SJIYC is by invitation only, with the sponsorship of two current members of the Club. If you have not previously participated as a guest or reciprocal yacht club member in Club activities it is recommended that prior to application you participate in several events as a guest of your sponsors or other current members. The membership chairperson can assist you with the application process and answer questions. 

You can download a complete application package by clicking one of the links below which provide a comprehensive description of the process and the necessary application forms. It also describes some aspects of the Club and outlines the financial implications of membership. 

In summary however, the steps are: 

First, you will need to obtain sponsorship by two current members of the Club. 

Then fill out the application form, which must be signed by both sponsors, and have your sponsors send letters of recommendation directly to the membership chairperson. 

Finally, mail your completed application along with a check for the application fee of $580 to:

Bill Robinson, Vice Commodore
P.O. Box 67
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

The Membership Chairperson will contact you for a meeting to provide you with an opportunity to discuss your membership interest.

Your application will be processed per the By-laws of San Juan Island Yacht Club.

Fees and Dues Initiation Fee:

The initiation fee is $2,500, but the accepted and normal method of paying the initiation fee is via an installment plan of $500 a year plus a nominal interest charge on the outstanding balance. If a member has not paid the full initiation fee but wishes to drop out of the Club he or she forfeit the amount paid to date and are not eligible to sell the membership.

Annual Dues:

Couple: $640
Single:  $480

Non-Resident Members:
Couple: $505
Single:  $375

Click to download the Regular Member application form

Click to download the Junior Member Application (Under 21)