First Mates History

The purpose of First Mates is to encourage and promote fellowship and interest in all aspects of the San Juan Island Yacht Club and to support enhancement of the Club facility.
(First Mates By-Laws – Revised 2012)

2012 marked First Mates twenty-fifth (25th) year! First Mates first official meeting was held at the San Juan Island Yacht Club (SJIYC) on February 12, 1987 with Marjorie Jefferies as president. While originally a ladies auxiliary requiring payment of annual dues for membership, a First Mates vote taken in 1995 opened membership to ALL SJIYC members. The dues requirement was eliminated a year later.

First Mates fund raising activities and events are the group’s source of income. Money generated from these, in excess of operating costs, is used to achieve yearly Club enhancement goals. Operation of the SJIYC Ship’s Store is an on-going activity along with the Shaw Island Classic Dinner and the Shaw Island Classic annual T-Shirt sale. Other fund raising events include special event raffles, a wine tasting, and other seasonal activities.

All SJIYC members are invited to attend First Mates monthly meetings that are held January through November on the Monday prior to the SJIYC Board Meeting. Meetings, except for the November luncheon meeting, are held at the SJIYC starting at 11:30. First Mates information is shared at the SJIYC monthly business meeting and is printed in the monthly Mud Flat Monitor.

Member support for First Mates activities and events contributes to SJIYCs décor and fellowship. Welcome aboard!


January 2013